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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

I think I probably do a post with that title around this time every year! Even though I've spent over half my life here in Texas, it still excites me when I see the gardens coming back to life so much earlier than they did as I was growing up in England.

But looking around the gardens this week,  there's quite a bit going on (although admittedly, not nearly as much blooming as I've seen on the blogs of more experienced and organized gardeners than I).

In the front border, the Gazania or Treasure Flower has been blooming all winter.  The flowers were actually closed for much of the winter, but I learned they do that in damp and dull weather to protect the pollen.  The day I was out taking photos was dry and warm and the Gazania blooms were wide open.

In the back garden, I was surprised to see the Homestead Verbena blooming already.  This particular plant did nothing last year, but suddenly it's taking off this year.

The Achillea behind it made it safely through winter too, I hope I see some blooms on it this year.

I had mentioned before that my husband Eric and I were thinking of building a small vegetable garden. I'm happy to report that Eric took the reins on this one, and after a couple of weeks of hard work on his part, we now have a small veggie patch waiting to be planted.

The first job was to remove the grass around the outline of the bed, so that a concrete foundation for the brick border could be laid.  I think Eric gained a new respect for the tenacity of St. Augustine during this process.  He was considering how to employ a small thermo-nuclear device to shift it.

Then he had to build a wooden form for the concrete foundation...

He used some of the bricks that were leftover when the house was built, that had been taking up a corner of the garage.  Then he added a cap row to finish it off...

Once the borders were built, we used brown paper and newspaper to cover the grass inside and then made a trip to Lowe's for some bags of soil -- Scott's Miracle Gro Organic Choice in this instance...

We filled it up and Tada!!!  A small veggie bed ready for planting...

It measures 4 ft x 8 ft and is pretty shallow, only about 8 inches deep but we think it will work for us. 

Now we have to decide what we want to plant in it.

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Lancashire rose said...

Great Job Eric! I can see he has been hiding his landscape talents. I see more in his future. Gazania is a real treasure. Mine, which overwintered, are like bushes.

Ami said...

Jayne: I really love the way that vegi bed turns out. Your husband did a great job! Since I don't have much space, and all the space have been given to the flower plants, I have given up growing vegitable for now. Looks like you will have some organic vegis to eat this summer. Good luck and Happy Spring!

Dorothy/Gardening with Nature said...

You will find that you can actually grow quite a lot of vegetables in even a small space like yours, and nothing tastes better than something you've grown yourself.

Love that gazania!

Carol said...

Hi Jayne, things looking like spring here in Conroe, too. We have tomatoes started and anixious to get them in our garden. Ours is 11 x 16. Put in a new hosta,fern bed last weekend. Ready to get the party started but I know sometimes March can throw us a curve. Carol