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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Year of the Hummingbird

This really does seem to have been the year of the hummingbird.  I think they showed up earlier this year than in the past, and there are definitely more of them.

Sitting on the patio has been like sitting on the set of a Star Wars movie while they're filming a fight scene with light sabers.  I swear George Lucas must have been inspired by the sound hummingbirds make when thinking about sound effects for the movie!

I'm not sure how much longer they will be here.  They're really massing and getting ready to migrate now.  There can be nine or ten chasing each other round the garden at any one time.

I haven't been able to get much in the way of photos because by the time I get home, when they're out on the feeders, the light is already starting to fade.

I've been able to get a couple though, such as this one of a male and two females:

 I particularly like this photo of a female coming in to land on the feeder by the column on the patio. Again, not good lighting because of the time of day and the fact it's on the north side of the house, but I think she's cute anyway.  I love the way their feet curl when they're in flight.

Do you still have hummingbirds in your garden?

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Steph@RamblingWren said...

Great pictures! I'm so impressed the birds actually share the feeder. I have seen 3 in my yard lately. One male RT and 2 females. I usually see Black chinned males, however they the RT seem to have taken over the feeder.

Jayne said...

I know, Steph. Earlier in the month it seemed like they used up all their energy chasing each other away. I think because they know they'll be migrating soon, they're more apt to settle down and share.

Pam's English Garden said...

I have hummingbirds, Jayne, but haven't captured pictures as good as yours. I linked to you in my latest posting. P. x

Birdwoman said...

Really nice captures. It's been a great season for hummers here. Mine are not good at sharing feeders though!

Jayne said...

Wow Pam, thanks!

Jayne said...

I did'nt think mine were going to share either Dorothy, but then one day they did. There's hope for yours yet :-)

Carol said...

We had a flock at the feeders a few weeks ago, but only a few now. I actually got hold one that got in our garage. He let me pick him up and carry him outside. I was thrilled! No camera close by and I didn't want to stress him by holding him while I got one. But it was still a special moment for me. Carol

Jayne said...

I think ours have moved on now Carol. Haven't seen a single one in about four days. It's sad to see them go.