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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome to Our Garden

Isn't it always the way?  You go into a store looking for a particular item and it's nowhere to be seen.  But your eye always seems to latch on to something else that you can't live without and you have to get it.

So it was with this garden flag I found in Hobby Lobby this week.  I went in looking for some art supplies and came out with this!

Rather appropriate, don't you think?

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Dorothy Borders said...

Love that flag! I could use something like that for my garden. I wonder, will visitors to the garden take the hint?!

Jayne said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Dorothy. I couldn't resist getting it! Time will tell if visitors and neighbors take the hint or not!

Ami said...

Jayne: Haha, I think your gardener friends will pull out the weeds without hint, and non-gardener friends will only see "Welcom to Out Garden" part! LOL

I know sometimes when I was talking to my friend next door in their garden, I was pulling the weeds out of their flower bed out of the habit. Funny! :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Jayne,
I hope you aren't too water-logged. I had to laugh at your sign. I myself would not want the last part, because I have such a hodge podge, that I'm the only one who can tell the weeds from the plants I want to keep. LOL

Have you heard of the dancers called Bandaloop? (sp) I am watching this morning's Early Show. They dance on the side of walls. I don't do heights, so keep gasping, disturbing Heidi. Oh, my!