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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Birdbath Garden

I'm eager for the action to get started in the garden, but there's not that much happening out there.  Things that are in full bloom in the nurseries and garden center are annoyingly bloom-less in our garden.

Looking out over the back garden, my eye unfailing is drawn to the eyesore left by the pine tree, where the stump was ground (one day I'll think of something to do with that -- I wish they had left the actual stump, it would have been easier to make it a "feature")

But once I can get over that, there *are* some patches of color in the garden - mostly in the two back corners.  In one, the "birdbath garden" my containers seem to be doing well.  The Babylon white verbena has been blooming strongly all winter and continues to do so, as do the "Cool Wave" pansies. 

I'm looking forward to seeing these lilies bloom.  As you can see, the markers have completely faded, so I have no idea what they are.  I hope that when they bloom, I'll be able to identify them.

The birds love this corner too, not only for the birdbath, but because they can peck around on the ground for seeds that get blown off the wall, where I sprinkle the bird seed each morning. Some mornings it seems like there's 20 or more sparrows out there. Sometimes just Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.

In the other corner of the garden, the other splash of color is provided by more verbena - the Homestead purple verbena.   

A closeup view reveals some Achillea in the back of the bed. I planted the Achillea all over the garden two or three years around and this is the only patch that has survived.  I think it likes its little protected spot under the vitex tree and up against the wall.  It's getting ready to bloom.

I'm sort of itching to get gardening, but Eric and I are heading out of town, so my plans will have to wait.  I'll tell you about it when we get back next week.

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Pam's English Garden said...

Jayne, Your Texas temperatures and the splashes of color in your garden warm my heart! I hope you have a safe trip. P. x

Jayne said...

Thank you Pam. We just got back from our trip to England. We had a lovely time and it was wonderful to be able to present for mum and dad's 60th (I missed their 50th). I couldn't believe it when we looked out one morning and it was snowing! It didn't settle where they are, but further north the weather was wreaking havoc!

Dorothy Borders said...

Love that 'Homestead' verbena. I saw some at the nursery today and almost picked it up. Now I wish I had!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Well, Jayne, you have more blooming than we do. LOL Your verbena sure is providing lots of color.

My favorite photo of this post is the one with the cardinal and the white blooms, with the red bloom or blooms popping up within them.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Happy spring!