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Sunday, June 9, 2013

After the Rain

This morning, since today is a Sunday, I treated myself to a lie-in, well as much of a lie-in as the cats would allow.  

As it happened, I got up at seven, fed the cats and read for a while, before rejoining my sleeping hubby for an extended snooze until we were awakened by thunder outside.

We lay there listening to the rain, and thinking how much the garden would be enjoying it.  After breakfast, and after the rain had stopped, I headed outside with my camera.

As the clouds moved off, I checked out the garden and found the flowers, such as this daylily, covered in glistening raindrops.

I've seen a few Monarchs in the garden in recent weeks, and today I spotted a caterpillar, his chosen leaf had protected him well from the rain.    Interestingly, last week I took a photo of a chrysalis on the fence and the next day when I went to check on it, there was no sign of it.  I hope this caterpillar has better luck.

The Savannah holly looked particularly photogenic with its coat of silver raindrops. The sun was just in the right place to catch them and the whole bush looked like it had been dusted with fairy dust.

No, that's not a real toad on the roof of the toad house, but I can tell you that there was a very happy frog in the vicinity somewhere.  I couldn't see him, but I could certainly hear him!  He was quite the loud one!  I'm sure he appreciated the rain too.

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Dorothy Borders said...

Lovely photos. We got just a trace of rain at my house, but it is always appreciated.

Linda said...

Enjoyed your blog. I am a lifelong Texan gardening for the first time in the Pacific Northwest. Very different experience. We have family in Cypress & Spring, TX.

Anastasia Abboud said...

Great photos! It's always so nice after a rain.

Rylahn said...

Stunning photos! Indeed it is always nice after a rain.