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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wildlife Update

Earlier this week I turned my Wordless Wednesday post into a "Wildlife Wednesday" post and included this photo of a corner of the garden.

A couple of people spotted the little visitor at the bottom of the photo -- a field mouse!

Here's a closer shot of him/her.  I seem to have at least two in the garden. One has dug a little burrow in the whiskey barrel container down by the wall.  Another one has burrowed into a hanging basket of fuschias.

I had been a little worried about them because we had such torrential rain last week I feared they might have been drowned.  But this photo was taken since the storm, so at least some of them are okay.

Now I have a dilemma -- This whiskey barrel needs to be replanted for the summer - the pansies I had in there have long since passed their prime and need to come out.  I'm reluctant to do any digging in case there are any babies down in the burrow.

I suppose I could get a few pots with annuals in and sit them on top of the whiskey barrel for a bit of color without disturbing the mouse family. Or is that taking "gardening for wildlife" a tad too far?

What do you think?

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Bernie H said...

The answer to your question is "No!" I would do exactly that, just in case the babies might get harmed. Gardeners are wildlife warriors, you know!

Jayne said...

Thanks Bernie - that's what I'm going to do.

sandy lawrence said...

I dearly love field mice. I'm so glad you've decided to delay digging in the barrel!