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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In the Company of Hummingbirds

Here I go again, not posting in weeks. I keep telling myself I'm going to post regularly and then, things happen and the blog goes untouched.

The reason is really two-fold.  Firstly, I've been busy at work, which has been rather draining, physically and emotionally.  But secondly, the garden is just ticking along and nothing much has changed.

Photos I took of the island beds last weekend looked very much like the photos I took of the island bed several weeks ago.  Except perhaps there are more weeds. 

What am I saying?  I KNOW there are more weeds!

But things are perking up a bit.  For a start we've been getting regular visits from some hummingbirds.  Usually my photos are taken out of the window, looking at the hummingbird with the sky behind, so they end up almost being silhouettes.

But I was out in the garden with my camera when I heard that familiar bzzzzzz and when I turned, this female hummingbird was approaching the feeder on the patio.

I was about 10 feet away, so I raised my camera to my eye and started taking photos.  I think these are the closest, clearest photos of a hummingbird I have ever managed to get.  If you click on them, you can see them at a larger size.

She stayed quite a few minutes before heading back to her perch on the Vitex tree.

She reminded me that I needed to make some fresh nectar, which I did.  She and a male have been swooping around the garden and enjoying the feeders all week.

I just made more fresh nectar this evening.  I'm waiting for it to cool and will fill the feeders tomorrow.

We have a long weekend coming up.  I hope to be spending it In the Company of Hummingbirds

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Steph@RamblingWren said...

Wonderful pictures! I have several females at the feeder fueling up for migration, however I haven't seen any males. Sounds like a nice weekend:)

Jayne said...

Thanks Steph. We have a couple of males too, but they spend more time chasing each other around the garden than they do actually at the feeders!