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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

We've had some lovely weather this week, and I've been doing some tidy up in the garden - pulling out the finished zinnias, trying my hardest to get rid of the bermuda grass and nutsedge.  This resulted in two rather empty island beds, so I headed to Plants for All Seasons to get some winter color.

These little violas will last from now until spring and will brighten an otherwise drab garden through the winter.

They spread a bit, so I spaced them out and had enough for both island beds, the containers by the bird bath and the raised bed by the trellis on the back wall.

Skip forward to this morning and I awoke to hear the drumming of rain on the roof and the sounds of the water barrel overflowing.

As always happens when we get a heavy rain, the garden flooded.  We keep meaning to get something done about it, but the water usually drains after an hour or so, provided it stops raining.

But what's that I see behind the bird bath?  

Yes, the Angel Trumpet that offered one bloom after a rain storm at the end of October (see my post here) is literally covered in blooms!

Now the rain has passed and the sun is shining again.  Here's a photo of the Angel Trumpet in the afternoon sunshine.

It's bright and sunny outside, but very blowy, so I hope this doesn't get blown over.  That would be a disaster!

I noticed earlier when I was re-positioning it to make it more stable on the sodden earth, that the pot is starting to crack so I'll need to replant it eventually.  I'd like to find somewhere to put it in the ground, but everywhere seems to be a battle of roots.  I'll have to give it some thought and decide where would be the best place for it.

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Dorothy Borders said...

My angel trumpets finally have buds but I don't know if they'll bloom before we get our first frost. I may try to give them some protection if it looks chancy.

Jayne said...

I'm glad yours finally have buds on them Dorothy. I really didn't know anything about them, and certainly didn't know they bloomed this late in the year.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Jane, your garden looks a lovely size and it must be a lot of work but very rewarding.
Your Angel Trumpets look beautiful. We are having a hard time with poison ivy and hired a professional to get rid of it but even he is challenged. Hopefully by next growing season we will be able to get it under control. Our weather is quite chilly now but we have had wonderful sunny weather over the last few days. I will take it while it lasts :) Hope your birdbath stays like it is. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks so much or stopping by.

Rock rose said...

Gorgeous blooms on the angel's trumpet.Someone gave me one this this year but ti didn't bloom and now it is is the garage because of promised freeze last night. Next year? Welcome winter!

DeniseinVA said...

Hello Jayne, I just had to come back and thank you for your comment. It made me smile because Denny's was my mom and dad's favorite breakfast place too. Especially for my dad as he was thrilled when they kept asking him if they could refill his coffee. He couldn't get over that he could have as many cups as he liked for the one price. I lost count after a while! And of course we kept going back during their stay :)

Jayne said...

Yes, Rock Rose -- I'm glad I got photos while I did because last night's freeze did a number on it. The blooms still look lovely, but the leaves are frozen. It always seems to come back in the spring though, so I'm not too worried about it.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, I love seeing the little Violas their 'monkey-faces' always smiling :)
The Angel's Trumpet is gorgeous, I bet the Hummingbirds love it !

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Oh, my -- you remind me of how we fought with the Bermuda grass and nutgrass as we called it when we lived in Dallas. The Bermuda could find the slightest cracks in the edging or just grow under it into the flower beds, and those nutgrass roots went down way deep and were so hard to remove!

Jayne said...

It's a continual battle Kenneth. Nutgrass is a good name for it -- it drives me NUTS!!

Pam's English Garden said...

How lovely to be able to plant blooms this time of year, Jayne. We have a warmer than normal December, but no flowers. P. x