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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Booty from the Houston Grows Meet-Up

It's been a busy week at work and with a part time job taking up most evenings as well, it seemed I just never had enough time to blog (any spare moments I had were spent in the garden!), so I'm just now getting this posted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Houston Grows meet-up at the Houston Garden Center last weekend.  It was the first time I've ever participated in such an event.  I've never been to a plant swap, or a seed swap, or anything like it before. 

To say I made out like a bandit would be an understatement....

Most of the goodies were handpicked in advance for me by the very generous Ursula. After the meetup we went back to her house to load these beauties in my car.  On the way, we ran in to the big storm. I ended up staying at Ursula's for a few hours to wait out the storm, having dinner and making friends with a baby blue jay that was rescued from a neighbor's flooded driveway before I was able to head home with my treasures.

Among the goodies:

Homestead Verbena;
Marguerite daisy;
Indian Blanket;

In addition to the passalongs I got from Ursula, I got a Firecracker lily and a "three for one" pot, with Pavonia, a oak seedling and one other plant in the pot from a couple who were also at the meetup.  I believe their names were David and Carol - and I hope they excuse me if I got their names wrong, I've always been terrible with names!

Hmmm... I wonder what this plant tag means....

Here are some more..

So my task, when I have had time this week, has been to print out Plant Profiles on all my new "babies".  This is because I am a... well let's just call me "detail oriented". 

The plan is to have a profile on each plant in the garden in my garden journal, which I blogged about in December. It's really coming along now and, so far, I have kept my promise to myself to keep it up!

Later in the fall, I'll be attempting to start some of the seeds that I got from Cindy, My Corner of Katy. I'll let you know how that goes...

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Kyna said...

I love getting a bunch of new plants, especially free ones! I'm glad you're organized enought to do the plant profiles, I wish I was that organized! lol

Jayne said...

I love getting new plants too. Now I just have to plant them, and since we're expecting temps in the 90's all week, that's going to be done a little bit at a time, when I can find a few minutes in the evenings when it's hopefully cooler.

Lancashire rose said...

What fun and what a lot of work you have landed yourself. How do you manage with work-and plant profiles? I would never get anything done if I had to do that. As it is housework is last on the list after garden, bridge, blogging, cooking, genealogy. Of course I am the most disorganized person you could ever know. We had our "garden a gogo" today which included a plant swap and I came home with plenty. Lots of fun.

Jayne said...

Housework? What's housework? lol! That's low on my list of priorities too. The "garden a gogo" sounds like a lot of fun too!

Pam/Digging said...

Garden-blogger meet-ups are the best. You meet the most interesting people and get great passalongs to boot!

Jayne said...

This was the first one I had ever been to, and I'm hooked now!