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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Winds of Change

We've been spoiled, I suppose you could say, since we moved into our house in 2008. For three years, ours has been the only house on our side of the street, comfortably tucked in between a majestic Liquidambar (Sweet Gum) tree on one side, and a rough but wildlife friendly thicket on the other.  The thicket was where the stray/dumped cat, Cali, raised her kittens last summer.  It's been home to a procession of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, snakes and other critters, many of which paid us visits on various occasions.

We knew things wouldn't stay like that forever but, since we moved in and the economy tanked, we hoped it would be many years before we lost what we looked on as our personal forest.

Recently though, there has been more activity in the neighborhood.  More homes have been going in, a new builder has moved in, (after our builder moved out) and a new model home is going up.

The writing was on the wall earlier this week, when two lots on the next street were cleared.

And today I came home to see this:

And this:

...indications that any day now, our little forest will be history :-(

I just hope they do all the ripping out of trees while I'm at work.  I don't think I could stand to be here while it's happening.  

On a brighter note, we've got tropical milkweed coming up all over the place, ensuring we'll have plenty to offer the Monarch butterflies when they come through on their migration.

Last year we had lots of Zinna "Profusion" that I hoped would self seed, but I hadn't seen any signs of that so I purchased some more seed which arrived from Park Seed today.

Now look at what I saw while out in the garden today.  One of last year's zinnias (and actually I saw two or three of them) has finally self-seeded and was being checked out by a couple of skippers!  I'll still go ahead and scatter some seed in the border and I think I'll share the rest with my neighbors.

 It's been fun living in Wild America for three years.  I can only hope that we still get birds, squirrels, butterflies and other wildlife visiting our garden when we have new homes on either side where once there was wildlife habitat. 

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, man! I would be disappointed, too. I hope some nature friendly gardening type neighbors move in.

You were mentioning aphids were on your milkweed. I've had those on my swamp milkweeds before. I wash them off best I can and let the ladybugs take care of the rest. Oh, and I have one of the kind you have growing as an annual. The stem got broken off early on, and it's putting on new growth now. It's pretty small so far.

Jayne said...

Hi Sue

Where I lived before, right before I moved out, a young couple moved in and it turned out she was a Master Gardener! I'd love to have someone like that move in next door!!

Maia said...

I'm sorry Jayne that your peaceful life and silence has to change. It will not be the same, that's for sure.
It happens all the time by us too, even worse; new neighbors rise such tall building that they totally cover the sunlight from their neighbors.

You still have plenty of space and privacy on you neat property. Don't worry, birds and butterflies will always come back.

Jayne said...

I hope so Maia.

Lynn said...

Sorry to read that they're clearing the land around your home. I'm sure it was a nice buffer for your family and the wildlife. The land behind my home, which I was assured by the school board would not be sold and developed, was sold two years later and cleared for new homes. Home construction has been slow though, porbably due to the economy.

Jayne said...

You have my sympathies Lynn. I hate when they clear land and then don't do anything with it. Now the lots either side of us are cleared, I hope at least they start building, rather than just leave it desolate.