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Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Firsts for the Year

One day last week I stepped out the back door just as a hummingbird had been coming to inspect the hanging fuschia.  I swear it stopped in mid-air and reversed when it saw me!

This past weekend I got around to whipping up a batch of sugar water and filling three hummingbird feeders to place strategically around the garden.

Within ten minutes we had a diner! Not a great photo I'm afraid, it would only give me a back view, not a nice side view, but with my new camera and a tripod, I plan on getting LOTS of hummingbird photos this year.

Another visitor to the garden this weekend was this rather battered looking Monarch.  Does it look like this because it has flown all the way from Mexico?  I don't know but it sounds like a good explanation to me!  

If you click on the photos to see the large versions, you can see how distressed the wings look.

And in the photo below, you can actually see the red bloom of the milkweed through the hole in its wing!

You can see the hole in this photo too, although the rest of the wing doesn't look so bad.

Remember I showed you our little veggie patch last week? Well look at this!  Another first!  Our very first pea pod!  And let me tell you, they were oh, so sweet!

There are loads more pods beginning to ripen now, we're going to have some good eating soon!

Words and photographs by Jayne Wilson, Green and Serene, Jayne's Country Garden.


Dorothy Borders said...

Those are some very nice firsts. It's actually been a couple of days since I've seen hummers in my yard. It was like Grand Central Station for hummingbirds here for a while. I'm still looking for my little female to come back and nest with us again this summer.

Carol said...

We have hummers in Conroe. We also have an over abundance of Cardinals this year! They wipe out 4 feeders full of seeds in a day. I love them! Have a great day! Carol

Bernie H said...

What terrific firsts! That little hummer looks quite content dining on your feeder.

I often see butterflies with battered wings around here too. They still carry on flying around in search of nectar though. It always amazes me.

Congratulations on your first pea pod. That's just brilliant.