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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!



I thought everyone might enjoy this scene I caught this past weekend.  After I put out a new sock feeder, the finches found it very quickly, and before I knew it they were lined up.

Pippin, one of my seven indoor cats thought it was great.  There were about 5 finches out there, and I eventually went to the store and got a two armed hanger and two more sock feeders.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

What a fun post! My husband and I had cats named Merry and Pippin when we were in our twenties. I've seen those feeders before, but haven't tried one before. We should, as the squirrels wouldn't be able to eat from them. Is that Niger seed in those?

Jayne said...

Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. Yes, it's nyjer thistle in the feeder. I've never tried the sock kind before either. I had another thistle feeder and the birds completely ignored it. But they seem to really like these, and when they settle down and stop trying to chase each other away, several can fit on there at once. (My Pippin was named after Merry and Pippin too :-)

Kyna said...

I'm so jealous! I'm just trying a nyjer seed sock feeder for the first time, and the finches aren't going for it :) Maybe I just have to be more patient. ;)

LOVE the pic of the cat looking out the window :D

Jayne said...

Sorry to hear your finches aren't cooperating, Kyna. See if you can move it to where it's close to a bush or fence. I've noticed that they seem to take it in turns. One will be on the sock while the others wait in the crape myrtle and then they all changes places. It's worth a try :-)

Kathleen Scott said...

Birds outside the window = Kitty TV. And everybody is happy.

We've been short on goldfinches this winter. No pine siskins either and last year there were a dozen. Maybe that says there is more seed in the wild, I hope so. But I might try a sock just in case.

Pippin is a cutie. You have SEVEN cats? How do you manage it? We have three, which is one more than we have laps and that occasionally creates a kerfluffle.

Jayne said...
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Jayne said...

It hasn't always been easy having seven cats, Kathleen -- and actually there were more at one time. It's relatively calm at our new house because it's bigger, allowing each cat to stake out their territory. I'll have to do a blog about it - I could include a photo of me sick in bed with four or five of the cats keeping me company, and another of me and my hubby sitting on the sofa with cats all round, lol.