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Friday, January 22, 2010

Quotations for Winter Gardens

Originally posted on my Green and Serene blog at HoustonGrows

One of my hobbies, other than gardening, is collecting quotations. It seems that others can often say things so much more eloquently than I can. Here are some poems and quotations about winter and the garden. I hope you enjoy them.


"The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination." ~Ward Elliot Hour

"The shortest day has passed, and whatever nastiness of weather we may look forward to in January and February, at least we notice that the days are getting longer. Minute by minute they lengthen out. It takes some weeks before we become aware of the change. It is imperceptible even as the growth of a child, as you watch it day by day, until the moment comes when with a start of delighted surprise we realize that we can stay out of doors in a twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour." ~Vita Sackville-West

"I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape - the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn't show." ~Andrew Wyeth

"Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday's dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who wait to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow,
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow."
- Nelda Hartmann, January Morn

"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius." ~Pietro Aretino

"Every winter,
When the great sun has turned his face away,
The earth goes down into a vale of grief,
And fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables,
Leaving her wedding-garlands to decay -
Then leaps in spring to his returning kisses."
~Charles Kingsley

"Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again."
~Bill Morgan, Jr.

"In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." ~William Blake

"Of winter's lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer's secret
Deep down within its heart."
~Charles G. Stater

"Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them."

~Vincent A. Simeone


NellJean said...

I didn't realize when I commented on your bloom day post that you were new to Blotanical. I urge you to read the FAQs under the Help tab if you haven't already done so. It helps in learning your way around.

I like the quote by Aretino best. It was a sunny day here today.

Jayne said...

Thanks NellJean - I'm hoping to have some time to browse Blotanical this weekend. I think my favorite here is 'January Morn'. I can't wait for the buds, new leaves and new blooms!